SA Gaming: Fishermen Gold Online Fish Shooting Review

If you are from Malaysia and other surrounding nations like Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, then you may have many reasons to find this article interesting and informative. There is no doubt that online gaming and gambling are spreading like wildfire and the growth story of scores of gaming and gambling websites has been phenomenal and perhaps even hard to believe for many. Today we will talk about the most classic online fishing game, SA Gaming’s Fishermen Gold.

fishermen gold online fish shooting review

The conventional games that were part of the brick and mortar gaming and gambling outlets continue to be hugely popular amongst millions of gamblers and punters across the world. These include different types of card games, different variants of poker, roulette wheel games (different variants), and blackjack and last but not the least slots of dozens of types.

The Fascinating World Of Fish Games

However, we all know that change is perhaps the only constant in life and the same applies a lot to the gambling and gaming world. New gambling variants of existing games are coming in regularly and some new games are also being developed.

The credit for such new games must go to the game developers. In this article, we will be spending some time getting to know more about SA Gaming. They have been at the helm of affairs as far as new types of online fishing game variants are concerned.

We will do a complete and unbiased review of SA Gaming and find out the reasons why they are slowly becoming one of the most sought after game developers and platforms in Malaysia and several other such countries. We hope that the review will be useful for readers and other stakeholders, gambling & gaming enthusiasts in more ways than one.

They will be able to get some factual and reliable information about the various types of online fish shooting games and other such things they offer to the various websites and through them to hundreds of thousands of customers across South East Asia, South Asia, and also many countries of Europe and a few other continents.

What Is Special About SA Gaming?

sa gaming banner

Whenever when one thinks about quality, exciting and enjoyable fish games, it is quite possible that many of us would have heard about Fishermen Gold. This is considered to be one of the topmost and highly popular online fishing games amongst today’s tech-savvy, young and even old generation of customers. This perhaps is the platform to be in if you are searching for some of the best fishing games.

Thousands are all praise for the various fishing games that are available on this platform. They certainly can provide the players with a high level of fun and also entertainment. Many of them believe that this could be one of the best online fish shooting games for them. We will try and find out some reasons why there are so many positive reviews of the various fishing games from SA Gaming.

The various games come loaded with many features that are exciting, interesting and even innovative in more ways than one. Further, they do offer a high level of satisfaction and fulfilment for those who are satisfying their gaming needs. It is quite obvious that there are hardly a few players who have been disappointed playing Fishermen gold in particular and also the various other games that are from the stables of SA Gaming.

Some Basic Information About SA Gaming

SA Gaming, over the years, has graduated from one level to another and has become one of the most leading gaming platforms in Asia. It has earned reputation and goodwill for offering high-quality games to suit specific needs and requirements of beginners who are keen on learning the basics of the various fishing games including Fishermen Gold.

sa gaming awards

They are also considered by many experts and experienced gamers and punters to be of the best when it comes to helping them with some top class fishing games and of course various other conventional games. They are one of the few authentic and licensed gaming software companies.

Therefore, as a player, you can rest assured and enjoy peace of mind whenever you need to play games and gamble online. Though they have many such games available with them, we will be discussing only Fishermen Gold. This is because it is their flagship game that has an arena-type setup to it. Further, the game is quite easy to play and it also allows all types of players to learn and implement some thoughtful and intelligent strategies.

This not only keeps up the interest levels, but the players also have a better chance of making some decent money. At the end of the day, we all know that we are into gambling and gaming with the dual purpose of enjoyment and also making some fast buck out of it.

Without wasting too much time, let us straight away get into the review of Fisherman Gold so that our readers and other interested persons can get the right feedback and information that could be useful to them in more ways than one.

Fishermen Gold Review

fishermen gold levels

The best thing about Fishermen Gold is that you will always be excited, thrilled and each and every moment you spend online, playing the game will be memorable and thoroughly enjoyable. You will not be able to experience this kind of online multiplayer environment.

This is not a sales talk from the developers of this game, but from the thousands of customers who are so passionate and attached to this game. It is easy to play and even beginners are not very jittery or doubtful about playing the game. It has a well laid out the learning curve for new players and it will only be a matter of time before they can get the best possible pleasures and enjoyments playing Fishermen Gold.

Hence, when all the above things are taken into account and are looked at in some detail, you may have reasons to believe that you are in one of the best platforms if you love different variants of fish hunting, shooting, and other such gaming and gambling activities.

You Have Everything That You Aspire For

When you are even into regular fishing, you will feel happy if you can go much beyond the mechanics of fishing. You would certainly like to enjoy the environment that the fish catching and shooting arena offers. You also would love to catch fishes that are tougher to reach.

All these are very much possible when you decide to choose SA Gaming as the platform. It also promises you with great rewards and this certainly acts as a boost in more ways than one for beginners and also experienced players.

It Offers Many Possibilities

Once you have understood the basics of this game, you can have many options to increase the chances of winning by quite a few notches. For example, there are scores of gamblers who have made very good use of cannon multiplier facilities.

fishermen gold instructions

This helps them to make a much better and efficient use of cannons. It also has more powerful, lethal and accurate bullets. These go a long way in capturing all the fishes. When this happens, you certainly will be in a position to earn more awards and rewards. In many cases, the rewards are quite impressive and it could be ten times the money the players have wagered.

There have been many instances where players have walked away with big money using the cannon multiplier and other such reward-winning tools and methods.

You Have Different Buttons

When you start playing this game, you will come to know that it has different access buttons. These come with many different functions. The buttons are there to help you to be better off than your opponents.

fishermen gold paytable

In the process, you stand a good chance of being crowned as the Fishing King. You would also be happy to note that this game comes with many different types of cannons and fishes. Therefore, you will be in a position to choose the right tools and aids based on your objective, specific preferences, needs, and requirements.

The Best of Design And Effects

Apart from the monetary benefits, there are many other reasons also for the growing demand for Fisherman Gold. The developers of the game, SA Gaming have taken quite a bit of trouble and pain to design some of the coolest visual effects.

This adds a lot to the overall fun part and entertainment aspect of fishing play. They also offer you the best of 3D effects accompanied by beautiful sounds. These will go a long way in encouraging players to spend more time on the websites because they are reasonably sure that they may end up winning some decent money.

FishermenGold gameplay

The graphics also have been designed quite intelligently and after giving it quite a bit of thought. Therefore, you can be sure that you will have a hassle-free experience and this may make you satisfied and you will certainly have a smile on your face.

The graphics that are offered by Fisherman Gold may also help you to have more enjoyment and also be comfortable when you play. This frees up quite a bit of your mind and you can use the freed space of your brain to strategize and get into winning mode more often than perhaps it is possible in much other such fish shooting online sites.

To put things in perspective, you can be sure that you will get the best of gameplay and it will be smooth and worth remembering each time you spend time playing the games. It also allows the players to the luxury of moving underwater freely.

This again will add to the overall touch and feel of the game. Many players believe that the graphics could help up the levels of their playing capacities and they also have talked about improved skill sets and other such attributes.

Some Basic Guide About Fishermen Gold

If you are keen on increasing the chances of winning then you must have a better understanding as to how to play this game. You need to bear in mind that this is a skill-based game. Further, it is the first game from SA Gaming that has a multiplayer environment in it.

Therefore you need to be more interactive and this will help you to have a better idea as to how your rivals are doing. Further, the game is a 3 level slot approach. Hence, it will offer you the best possible adventure and that too at the bottom of the sea.

Further, you also will be able to explore miracles and this will help you to catch the most significant species of fish and creatures.

Choose Some Classics Too

You also will be able to enjoy the spirit of some of the all-time favourite games and these include names such as Space Invaders. You also can choose different types of denominations and cannons which are nothing but multipliers.

Further, you also will be able to focus better on your targets and shoot them. This will ensure that your capture of fishes will be quite interesting and they will have the highest value. However, you will not be required to use any number of bullets.

You can also learn to make the quick keys of your keyboard. This will help you to move to a higher level and you will be able to lock on to your target more effectively and conveniently. The shots will often bounce off the screen borders and they will zero in on to a fish or creature and this will certainly increase your winning chances and the amount that you can win.

How To Increase Winning Chances


When you play Fishermen Gold the right way, you also get random free bullets. This happens when the players take to different dimensions of the sea. You need to bear in mind each bullet that you use when playing this game has the natural capability of offering multiplier and denomination settings as and when the bullet is triggered.

You also must take care to ensure that the free bullets are used before going in for regular bullets. The larger the size of the cannons or higher the multiplier, your chance of winning increases that much quite a bit.

It also has other features like auto fishing and multi-lock features. These features can help you to shoot on the target as they appear on the payout table. It will allow you to make sure that you can only hunt your specific targets. Hence, the cannon will start firing automatically at the targets and you will be able to bypass the non-target fishes.

Cross-Platform Facility

You must also make good use of the cross-platform system and this is unique to Fishermen Gold. To put it simply you can play the game on mobile phones, desktop computers, and laptop computers. It also can be played both on iOS platforms and Android platforms.

Best of Promotions And Bonuses

This game from SA Gaming also comes with several useful bonuses. They include perfect due challenges that could help players to win up to MYR 888. Bonus money is assured even when you lose a few games and this is something unique and not offered by many.

The service provider also offers many extra bonuses to make it even more exciting and fulfilling. There are also weekly turnover bonuses, 30% daily reload bonus and other such offers and these could make you richer by around MYR 1,800 if not more. The bonuses keep changing now and then and they are mostly on the upper side.



Event Details & Application:

  1. All active members will be automatically enrolled in this promo.
  2. Winning or Losing over MYR 1,000 on a daily basis will get an extra reward.
  3. Bonus will be released on the next working day before 20:00 into the GG fishing wallet.

Terms & Conditions:

Bonus Play Conditions. Members are required to fulfill a 1x Turnover [ (Bonus) * 1x] in order to transfer or withdraw. Please refer to the following table:

ProviderPlayer Win/Loss
Max Bonus
SG Fishing,
GG Fishing,
SA Fishing,
PT Fishing



How to apply:

  1. The registered member with the aforesaid deposit amount within the calendar month.
  2. Click [APPLY NOW] and fill up the detail requested (shipping information).
  3. Please ensure all the detail given are valid, or the qualifying will be void and cancel.

Event Details:

Tier Accumulative Deposit and Valid betReward AReward B
Diamond2,500,000iMacBonus 3,800
Platinum1,500,000MacBook AirBonus 2,800
Gold1,000,000iPhone 11 ProBonus 1,800
Silver500,000iPad ProBonus 500
Bronze300,000iPad AirBonus 300
Normal150,000iWatch Series 5N/A



Event Details & Application:

  1. Get your link. Once logged to your Maxbook55 account, you’ll find your referral link on your profile [Referral].
  2. Invite your friends to register through your referral link.
  3. Get rewarded! Every time someone you invited creates an account and complete 500 deposit requirement within 60 days,  you and your friends each will receive an MYR25 cash reward.


Event Details & Application

  1. Contact Customer Service via Live Chat.
  2. Personal details are required for verification.
  3. Once identity successfully verified, customer service will proceed with the promo to your preferred wallet.
Providerlatest 3 months
Deposit Count
Max BonusTurnoverWin over
All providers
Excluded IDN
8MYR 381x2x
18MYR 88
28MYR 188

**Winover only applies to 918KISS and MEGA888 products.

Customer Service & Security

You can be sure about the best of customer services when you decide to choose games coming from the platform of SA Gaming. They offer round the clock support services that extend 24/7. You also can reach out to their helpline over the phone and through chats or even through email. They will be ready to help you even when it comes to knowing about the status of withdrawing or deposits.

bk8 deposit options

They have the best of security and safety systems and they are built-in and form an integral part of the games that are played on various websites. The personal information, the financial details, and other such things are fully secured and safe.

Your financial information, sensitive personal information, and various other data and information are moved from one end to another using the most advanced 128-bit encryption technology and this is what makes them quite different from many others in the field today.

They also regularly conduct audits and other steps are also taken to keep the safety and security checks to make sure that the best of features and processes are always in place. They also endeavor to make changes to the safety and security protocols and also bring improvements to it, based on evolving risk factors and this is done continuously.


To conclude, going by customer feedbacks and also after taking into account the features of the Fishermen Gold game, it is quite obvious that it is a highly popular game. It is packed with a lot of goodies for the customers and the developers of the game SA Gaming have worked overtime to offer the best possible playing experiences to millions of customers.

The bonus payouts, the promotions, and other such things are also quite impressing and on the whole, there are reasons to feel happy about the overall satisfaction levels that this game offers to its customers.