Euro 2021: All You Need To Know

Ever since its advent in 1960, the UEFA Euro Football Championship has proved to be a pinnacle of perfection time and time again. It is one of the most prestigious international tournaments after the World Cup and on the same level as Copa America.

The UEFA European Football Championship

In 1960, only four teams took part in the first round of the tournament. France, Cyclo-Slovakia, Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia all comprised of four teams. After that, the tournament kept on expanding to more teams with time.

Number of participants in UEFA Football Championship

· Number of Participants in UEFA Football Championship

Up until 1976, the tournament saw four teams participating in the contest. However, in 1980, the format changed, and eight teams participated from 1980 till 1992. In 1996, the number of participants doubled, and it remained the same till 2012. From 2016 onwards to Euro cup 2020, the tournament will see 24 teams cruising to clinch the title.

YearNo. of Participants

· Most Successful Teams of UEFA Football Championship

Until UEFA Euro 2016, Germany and Spain emerged as the top contenders as the joint-most successful tournament teams. Both of the European teams have won three tournaments each. On a close second, we have France with two titles to their name and plenty of teams who are joint winners with one title each to their name.

Soviet Union1

· Top Scorers of UEFA Football Championship

Cristiano Ronaldo (9 goals) will be looking to beat Michel Platini’s record of similar goals in the UEFA Euro 2020. However, let’s look at other top goal scorers of the UEFA Football Championship in detail.

Michel Platini9
Cristiano Ronaldo9
Alan Shearer7
Thierry Henry6
Zlatan Ibrahimović6
Patric Kluivert6
Nuno Gomez6
Ruud van Nistelrooy6

Fast forward to 2021, after a one-year postponement due to the novel coronavirus, we are ready to see further European football action.

Euro 2016 Champion and Potential Euro 2021 Champion

Nothing but a drama was the UEFA Euro of this 2016 edition. Let’s take a short tour of which team won the European Championship and what is coming in the next iteration of International football.

· UEFA Euro 2016 Champion

Portugal eliminated France in a rather dramatic fashion in the finals of UEFA Euro 2016. Everyone will agree; many teams were better than the Portuguese on paper. But, what was the difference?

The Portuguese team played to the best of their abilities, showed team chemistry and maximum strength. After two shambolic performances against Austria and Iceland in the opening two matches, Cristiano Ronaldo rose to the occasion against Hungary. He showed what he and his team are capable of doing.

The team received a lot of negative criticism, and Ronaldo, single-handedly, took his team to the tournament’s finals. However, to his dismay, the Portuguese was stretchered off before half-time.

The team regrouped in the later stages of the match after the departure of an injured Ronaldo. Rui Patricio made some brilliant saves to keep Portugal in the game. As the game was nearing its end, the phenomenal efforts of the Portuguese side didn’t matter. Nevertheless, in the last few minutes of the game, Eder’s late replacement scored a long-range banger.

It was perhaps the first time any team finished third in the European Championship group stages and went on to win the tournament.

· Potential UEFA Euro 2021 Champion

The domestic football is about to finish, and the World Cup qualifiers have started already, which means UEFA Euro 2021 is lingering around the corner. We’ll look at which team is a contender to win the next iteration of the European Championship.


The Belgians are red-hot favourites to clinch the title in the upcoming UEFA Euro Championship. If they do, it will be their first international trophy. You might ask, why Belgium? We have only one answer: Kevin de Bruyne.

The Belgian and Manchester City star is fully geared to go all guns blazing in the tournament barring any injury. He will be fully confident to kick things off after getting his team to win the Premier League under Pep Guardiola’s management.


Potential UEFA Euro 2021 Champion - England

With immense squad depth, England is the only side that can bring out four different elite squads and might still have a little depth remaining. The quality they have at each position brings out a lot of competition, and they will not have any fears of injury lined up. The tensile strength and insane depth in their squad make them a contender to win the title this year.


With tons of experience and talent in attack, the Frenchmen will be looking to go all guns blazing. The defending World Cup champions have only one goal right now – to win another European silverware. But will they be able to do it? Well, let’s wait.

Euro 2021 Playing Teams & Underdogs

The UEFA Euro 2021 will feature six groups and 24 teams, each group containing four teams. The groups are as follow:

AItaly, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales
BBelgium, Denmark, Finland, Russia
CAustria, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Ukraine
DCroatia, Czech Republic, England, Scotland
EPoland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden
FFrance, Germany, Hungary, Portugal

· The Underdogs of UEFA Euro 2021

When it comes to international football, you cannot bet on the favourite teams to win all the time. The teams that play with fancy intricacies remain behind, and the underdogs get their hands on the trophy. So, which teams are the underdogs of the upcoming European Championship? Let’s find out.


As someone once said, ‘Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.’ The great Italians may have fallen after their last World Cup victory, but you can never write them down as long as they are in the tournament.

The underdogs of UEFA Euro 2021 - Italy

Their brute strength in defence is instilled in their games even after decades. Furthermore, their viable tactics to comprehend opponents’ defence through pace remain among the most fruitful combinations. How will Italy fare at the upcoming tournament? Let’s wait and find out.


While we may agree that the Netherlands is not the same side as they were a decade ago with Wesley Sneijder, Arjen Robben, and Robin van Persie at their side, they have now reinforced their team with rock-solid defenders and attack.

In defense, they have Virgil van Dijk and de Ligt. The centre-back pairing will be looking to stop most of the opposition attackers with no possible hitch. In midfield, they have tons of viable options, such as Frenkie de Dong, van de Beek, and even Wijnaldum. We all know they have the talent and experience at their disposal, but the real question, would they be able to combine it?

Euro 2021 Schedule and Timetable

UEFA Euro 2021 will start on 11 June 2021, and it will last till 11 July 2021. With 30 days of nonstop football, the fans will be looking to feast their eyes and watch their favourite team battle it out for the championship. Let’s take a look at the schedule for the matches.

Euro 2021 Group Stage Schedule

· Group Stage

DateGroupTeamTimeStadium Location
11 JuneATurkey vs. Italy21:00Rome
12 JuneAWales vs. Switzerland15:00Baku
 BDenmark vs. Finland18:00Copenhagen
 BBelgium vs. Russia21:00St. Petersburg
13 JuneDEngland vs. Croatia15:00London
 CAustria vs. North Macedonia18:00Bucharest
 CThe Netherlands vs. Ukraine21:00Amsterdam
14 JuneDScotland vs. The Czech Republic15:00Glasgow
 EPoland vs. Slovakia18:00Dublin
 ESpain vs. Sweden21:00Bilbao
15 JuneFHungary vs. Portugal18:00Budapest
 FFrance vs. Germany21:00Munich
16 JuneBFinland vs. Russia15:00St. Petersburg
 ATurkey vs. Wales18:00Baku
 AItaly vs. Switzerland21:00Rome
17 JuneCUkraine vs. North Macedonia15:00Bucharest
 BDenmark vs. Belgium18:00Copenhagen
 CThe Netherlands vs. Austria21:00Amsterdam
18 JuneESweden vs. Slovakia15:00Dublin
 DCroatia vs. The Czech Republic18:00Glasgow
 DEngland vs. Scotland21:00London
19 JuneFHungary vs. France15:00Budapest
 FPortugal vs. Germany18:00Munich
 ESpain vs. Poland21:00Bilbao
20 JuneAItaly vs. Wales18:00Rome
 ASwitzerland vs. Turkey18:00Baku
21 JuneCNorth Macedonia vs. The Netherlands18:00Amsterdam
 CUkraine vs. Austria18:00Bucharest
 BRussia vs. Denmark21:00Copenhagen
 BFinland vs. Belgium21:00St. Petersburg
22 JuneDThe Czech Republic vs. England21:00London
 DCroatia vs. Scotland21:00Glasgow
23 JuneESlovakia vs. Spain18:00Bilbao
 ESweden vs. Poland18:00Dublin
 FGermany vs. Hungary21:00Munich
 FPortugal vs. France21:00Budapest

NOTE: The top two in each group together with the best four third-placed teams pass after the group phases are over. Furthermore, the rest days will be on 24 and 25 June.

· Knockout Phase

DateTeamTimeStadium Location
26 June2A vs. 2B18:00Amsterdam
1A vs. 2C21:00London
 27 June1C vs. 3D/E/F18:00Budapest
 1B vs. 3A/D/E/F21:00Bilbao
28 June2D VS. 2E18:00Copenhagen
 1F VS. 3A/B/C21:00Bucharest
29 June1D VS. 2F18:00Dublin
 1E VS. 3A/B/C/D21:00Glasgow

NOTE: After the round of 16, there will be rest days on 30 June and 1 July.

· Quarter-Finals

DateTeamTimeStadium Location
2 JulyWinner 6 vs Winner 518:00St. Petersburg
Winner 4 vs, Winner 221:00Munich
3 JulyWinner 3 vs. Winner 118:00Baku
 Winner 8 vs. Winner 721:00Rome

NOTE: After the quarter-finals end, the rest days will be on 4 and 5 July.

· Semi-Finals

DateTeamTimeStadium Location
6 JulyWinner QF2 vs. Winner QF121:00London
7 JulyWinner QF4 vs. Winner QF321:00London

NOTE: There will be rest days on 8, 9, 10 July after the semi-finals.

· Final

DateTeamTimeStadium Location
11 JulyWinner SF1 vs. Winner SF221:00London

Euro 2021 Betting Tips by Experts’ Predictions

The action is about to start, both on and off the field. What does this mean by specialist gambling tips and predictions? We will give you a detailed guide on Euro 2021 predictions, betting tips and the cash prizes on each opportunity. 

· Full-Time Results

You do not want to miss out on the full-time action. As the game unfolds, there will be many events occurring every minute, such as injuries, jaw-dropping moments, and an impeccable showcase of individual performances. The final score is always something that you can wager on.

· The First Team To Score

It should be an easy one! Bet on the team whose attacking threat seems much more likely to breakthrough. It is a sure-fire way to give you easy cash in hand if you bet on the right team to score first.

· Both Teams to Score

With teams like Holland and Italy stacked up in defence, this strategy will look more viable in one-sided matches (we won’t name them). Moreover, BTTS also counts after extra time, so if you put a bet on it, make sure you know the rules.

· Penalty Specialist

You hear the word penalty; you are abruptly going to think of Bruno Fernandes. But the question is, who is going to take them? Cristiano Ronaldo or him? In a penalty specialist, you have to decide whether or not the game will have a penalty. The money ball will be in your court if you win that one.

· To Score a Header

As the term suggests, we can expect plenty of goals in the upcoming UEFA Euro Championship 2021. Because we all know, some teams will be menacingly powerful on set-pieces. If you want to bet, Harry Maguire should be a safe bet.

· Bookings

A lot of drama here and there! Players are protesting and yelling at the referees, yellow cards, last man challenge for a red card, and many more. Don’t miss a fantastic chance to bet on the bookings in the upcoming iteration of the UEFA Euro Championship.

Euro 2021 Betting Odds

With around a month to go until the first match kicks off in the tournament, we have the Euro 2021 betting tips lined up for the potential winner, Top Goalscorer, and the respective team from each Group to top their groups.

Euro 2021 Winner / Outright

The Euro 2021 odds are likely to fluctuate a few days before the tournament kicks off. Still, the following teams are the favourites to win the UEFA Euro 2021 tournament.

The Netherlands8.00Turkey101.00
Italy13.00The Czech Republic151.00
Poland81.00North Macedonia501.00

Source: C-SPorts (CMD368) Live Betting – 2020 UEFA EURO WINNER

Euro 2021 Top Goalscorer

With so much competition of top strikers hovering in the tournament, there is one thing for sure: Ronaldo is eying up the top goal-scoring spot of all time. However, ahead of the game, the following players are considered favourites to be the tournament’s top goalscorer.

Harry Kane5.00Kylian Mbappe8.00
Cristiano Ronaldo7.00Memphis Depay14.00
Romelu Lukaku8.00Antoine Griezmann14.00

Euro 2021 Odds to win Group

Lastly, we take a look at the potential winners of each Group for UEFA Euro 2021.

 Switzerland6.00 Croatia4.00
 Turkey7.50 The Czech Republic13.00
 Wales8.00 Scotland17.00
 Denmark4.50 Poland7.00
 Russia5.50 Sweden7.50
 Finland21.00 Slovakia16.00
CThe Netherlands1.28FFrance2.10
 Ukraine6.00 Germany2.15
 Austria8.50 Portugal7.00
 North Macedonia26.00 Hungary31.00

Source: SABA-Sports (MaxBet) Live Betting – 2020 UEFA EURO GROUP WINNER

Best Euro 2021 Betting Site and Payment Methods

There is an array of Euro 2021 betting sites that will be made available two days before the first match. For hefty consideration, you can look at the following website for safe betting with secure payment methods.

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FAQs about Euro 2021

1. Q) What is UEFA Euro 2021?

A) The UEFA European Football Championship will be looking to celebrate its 61st anniversary in 2021 after a one-year postponement in 2020 due to COVID-19. For the first time in the history of the tournament, 12 cities will be hosting the tournament. The tournament will start on 11 June 2021, and the final will be played on 11 July 2021.

2. Q) Will the stadiums be open for fans?

A) According to UEFA executives, there is a big chance that the stadium gates will be opened to at least 50% of the audience. However, no such thing has been confirmed for now. It is a wait-and-see situation.

3. Q) How many cities are hosting UEFA Euro 2021?

A) UEFA Euro 2021 is said to be the biggest competition ever because it wants to bring the battle to the fans. A total of 12 cities will be hosting the tournaments, i.e., Baku, Dublin, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Rome, London, Munich, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Bilbao, Saint Petersburg, and Budapest.

4. Q) Where can I watch UEFA Euro 2021?

A) Many channels have taken the broadcasting rights, such as ABC, ESPN, and ESPN 2. By subscribing to a specific plan by the broadcaster, you will watch each match according to your liking.

5. Q) How much will the tickets cost for UEFA Euro 2021 matches?

A) Most of the initial matches will have a less expensive ticket, ranging from 50 Euros to 60 Euros. However, the cheapest seat for a final at Wembley will cost around a whopping 95 Euros.

6. Q) How many teams are playing in UEFA Euro 2021?

A) A total of 24 teams will be playing in UEFA Euro 2021. The teams are Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Austria, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, Scotland, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, France, Germany, Hungary, and Portugal.

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